Wednesday, October 12, 2016

With Every Hijab: Free Virginity Testing!


  But wait, there's more: Men will decide what clothes you women may wear and they will beat you or worse if you fail to comply.

Ladies, if this is what you have been dreaming about  your prayers have been answered because Hillary Clinton has promised to import one million Syrian men to enforce Sharia.  But that's not all.  Gays will also benefit from the gift that keeps on giving!!!!

1)    Female genital mutilation
2)    Punishing rape victims
3)    Honor killing
4)    Child Brides
5)    Sexually enslaving women
6)      Punishing homosexuals
7)    Murdering homosexuals
8)    Child marriage
9)    Domestic Violence
10)    Disciplining or Punishing Wives
11)     Beating Wives
12)     Violence Against Women
13)     Forced Marriage
14)     Women being beaten or raped for wearing "inappropriate clothing"
15)     Women being beaten or raped for leaving the house without a male relative as a chaperon
16)     Women and men beating beaten and sometimes killed for expressing inappropriate  thoughts in a blog.
17)     Women and men being beaten and sometimes killed for being accused of disrespecting the religion of peace and tolerance.
18)     The belief that flogging, stoning, beheading and imprisonment are appropriate punishments for adultery, apostasy, witchcraft and blasphemy.
19)     Bribing the Clintons for political favors


Undercover footage reveals how doctors are carrying out 'virginity tests' on Swedish girls against their will because their religious families want to prove they haven’t had sex 

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