Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Headless Zombie Space Aliens Riding Unicorns


After the North Koreans create real live unicorns in a lab, they will clone them.  And then, with  the headless zombie space aliens the North Koreans doubtless have on tap, the bucket lists of millions will be fulfilled.   There will be a horde of headless zombie space aliens riding unicorns.

It is said that the rainbow blood of unicorns can provide instant immortality.   Or, in the case of politicians, instant immorality.


        Zombies Heart Brainz T-Shirt     

I Will Clothe Your Naked Zombies: For a Price


Woman Lectures Naked Zombies!

Woman Remonstrates Naked Zombies!

Don't Hunt Zombies Naked




Canvas Print

Throw Pillow

As the Cyber Sun Shrinks and Sets Throw Pillow 14" x 14"

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