Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Attack of the Invisible Zombies

If you thought about it you knew it was only a matter of time.  Sooner or later the insane Dr Xombie, experimenter extraordinaire would figure out a way to render walking dead flesh eater invisible.  He did this by several methods. A group of invisible zombies was eventually attained.  Dr Xombie started by infusing highly contagious viruses with  the chromatophores from cuttlefish and the pigmented skin of chameleons.  Then zombies were infected with the viruses and the ability to change skin color was thereby transferred.  Using combination of electroshock therapy and poisonous gases as well a punishment reward system, the good doctor taught some zombies to camouflage themselves by taking on the coloration of their surroundings.    A select group of chameleon zombies were given even more stringent and even more arcane treatment  and eventually they learned to display whatever pattern of light that appeared behind the  zombie on his front.  Dr Xombie had to do ground breaking work on the theory that skin cells can detect light naturally without any manipulation at all.

The advanced zombies could either camouflage themselves or render themselves completely invisible depending on whims or need.

Since zombies are dead, walking dead, they did not show up on infrared.  Humans who survived invisible zombie attacks did so by relying on sound and the movement of objects in the vicinity of the zombies.


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