Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dr Zombie The Walking Dead Whisperer

It almost goes without saying that a guy who calls himself:  Dr Zombie the Walking Dead Whisperer, will have a habit of strapping zombies down to chairs and shoving electrodes deep into their virus infected brains. 

Dr Zombie new it was going to be a bad day when he awoke in gore.  He was not sure whose gore it was--though he had his suspicions.  He knew the captured walking dead zombie did not put the gore there.  The creature was still quietly struggling against it's bonds in the laboratory.

It would have been a convenient conceit for Dr Zombie to tell himself he could not remember how it all happened but with just a little effort the memories where crystal clear.  Dr Zombie has always wanted to know what it felt like to actually be a zombie without being a zombie.  And so he pulled the nerve impulses directly out of that walking dead wretch and piped it into his own brain.

Well, Dr Zombie thought, I hope I killed the help and not my own family.  Even during a dystopian Zombie Apocalypse, what authorities there were then to frown on slaughtering your own family.


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