Monday, December 17, 2012

DoomCember: Disastrous December Doomsday Dreams 12/21/12

If it's December, it's must be Doomsday.

The end of life as we know it approaches.

Time to party!


How to Create DoomCember
What if the World Really Does Come to an End?
Banking on DoomCember
Stay Tuned to Radio Doomsday
Doomsday Has Been Cancelled!
Happy Merry DoomCember!
DoomCember: Strange Doom. How to Destroy a Planet without Really Trying
The Universal Church of Bob and December Doomsday: DoomCember 2012
Hold Still Whilst I Futz with Your Brain
France Says: You can Doom Here!
Cloning Doomsday:  DoomCember Dreams



Or if you don't believe:  Countdown to Apostasy.


Christmas Star
Cyber Rainbow
Feathered Suns
Free Short Poems online.  Free Gallery online
 Law of Attraction
Angel in Rags
Burning Angels
DoomCember 2012
Dumb Cember 2012?
Done Cinder 2012?

Rainbow World Gyroscopic PostCard

Poppy Poetry
Red Hibiscus

Rainbow Sorcery

121212 Rainbow Heart Casemate iPhone 5 Cases

9 Doomers Dooming

DoomCember:  Disastrous December Doomsday Dreams 12/21/12

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