Monday, September 10, 2012

There Is No Minimum Daily Requirement for Refined Sugar

Get a check up and make sure your doctor is on board with any dietary changes you make.

The first thing to realize is that you can't drink whatever you want. There is a saying from the seventies: "Fight the real enemy!" For dieters in the United States the real enemy is soft drinks. If you are serious about loosing weight you must cut down on them. If you are really, really serious then you must cut out all soft drinks altogether. In fact, if the only fluid you drink is water, this alone will make it difficult for you to hang on to the pounds.

The next thing to realize is that while you may be able to eat as much as you want, you can't eat anything you want. There is no minimum daily requirement for refined sugar. If you want to lose weight, remove refined sugar from your diet. This includes coffee and tea. If you can't enjoy them without sugar you might want to rethink your drink. You should give up all cakes, cookies, and pies. In fact, you should give up dessert.

Giving up certain gratuitous starches helps complete the processes. No crackers. No French fries. No pancakes. No waffles. No donuts. No potato chips.

What can you eat? I love lasagna with lots of meat and cheese. I also still eat cheese burgers. I eat yogurt and nuts and every fruit and vegetable known to man. The more veggies you eat the better. Get used to eating fruit for desert. If you fill up with vegetables and eat fruits for dessert your life is bound to improve. In case it is not obvious, I am not advocating being a vegetarian. But meat should not be the main part of your diet. Veggies should be. Other than that, do the balanced diet thing. Eat bread sparingly and make it whole grain bread when you do. If you drink fruit juice then drink it sparingly as well.

There are some supplementary things you can do. I have never seen anything that says multi-vitamins do anything for the average person so I can not recommend them. However, fish oil is said to be good for you so if your doctor agrees you might consider taking some. Another thing you might try is a kind of tea purge/cleanse. This involves drinking several cups of regular and herbal teas on weekends. Tea is said to have anti-oxidant and other good properties. Increasing the amount of garlic in your diet might not hurt either. Eating oatmeal for breakfast at least once a week isn't worst idea in the world.






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There Is No Minimum Daily Requirement for Refined Sugar

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