Sunday, September 16, 2012

Obama's Debt Index

One way to judge how well Obama has done with the national debt is to look at his debt index.

Roughly speaking:

# of balanced budgets presented to congress
- # of unbalanced budgets signed in to law
_____________________________ ___________


That would be

0-4 = -4

The best you could do on this scale would be

4 - 0 = 4

Obama gets the worst or lowest score.

By balanced budgets I mean they must be balanced in the debt and the deficit. If there is a surplus, that counts as balanced.

By unbalanced budgets signed, I mean that if the debt and deficit rose during a particular year, whatever it was you did, whether it was signing continuing resolutions or engaging in deficit spending, or borrowing or printing money, it was not balanced by the tax dollars coming in.


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