Sunday, September 16, 2012

Obama's Budget Tricks

Obama uses Trickeconomics when he does his budgeting. His budgets are full of tricks and gimmicks. Since he winds up accumulating an additional one trillion dollars in debt every year you may wonder what is the point. The point is to fool idiots, morons, and Marxists. Like the New York Times, The Huffington Post, and MSNBC. The deception works just about every time with those folks. Just like playing peekaboo with a baby.

1) Obligating future presidents. Whenever any president claims savings or budget cuts in the 10th year he is in effect obligating future presidents and a future congress. After all, there is such a thing as term limits. Cuts or savings in the 10th year of a first term president or in the 5th year of a 2nd term are an IQ test. If you test positive for stupidity or if you are a Marxist, you might take them seriously.

2) Spending trillions and saving billions. You would think no one would be dumb enough to buy this one but enthusiastic Obama supporters the world over point emphatically over some billion dollar cut the Great One is supposed to have made. Dear Genius, when your Wonder Worker does that 4,000 more times, then we'll talk.

3) Cap and Trade. In a 2008 interview, Obama admitted that his cap and trade program would make energy prices "necessarily skyrocket." For those who aren't on the look out for accounting gimmicks, this means that cap and trade is a way to pick the pockets of Americans by making them pay high gas and electricity prices. This money Obama plans to pilfer from your wallet will be used to cover part of his deficits.

4) Borrow money for China to cover debts.

5) Print money and pay debts with inflated dollars

6) Borrow from the social security fund and put an IOU in there.


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