Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apologizing to Terrorists

The first instinct of the Obama administration when they heard that some terrorist had killed our Ambassador was to apologize to the terrorist.

For those who have forgotten, the first thing Obama did when he became president was to bow low to the whole world and apologize to the whole world for the country he was most ashamed of--the United States.

For Christians and Jews however Obama, liberals, the news media, progressive pundits and democrats are all giving a lesson in religion.

There is a religious test on the left for violence. If the perpetrators are Christians or Jews they are condemned in the strongest possible terms and law enforcement is dispatched to go get them. If the religion of the perpetrators of violence is not Christianity or Judaism, not only does the American left and their leader Obama apologize to the evil doers, they also blame some idiot who said something stupid or wrote something weird or looked at some book wrong or fiddled around with a movie for provoking the violence.

Christians and Jews around the world need to harken to the lesson your governments, the news media and pundits the world over are passing out whenever violence happens in the middle east. They allow and even encourage middle eastern terrorists and thugs to kill and destroy. They always blame the violence on some Jew or Christian who did violence to no one. You breathed too hard and provoked them.

Christians and Jews of the west, if there is ever a religious war in this world, in my very own personal opinion, all western governments have already chosen the other side. As for you, they have charted a fleet of buses so as to throw you under them.

You may as well convert now. Think of the benefits. In some middle eastern countries all they have to do is claim a Christian committed blasphemy and that Christian is as good as dead. You could get rid of anyone you did not like for any reason or no reason. All you have to do is convert.


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