Sunday, August 26, 2012

Obama Will Necessarily Skyrocket Energy prices

GOP plan is to fully exploit our domestic energy resources. This will improve just about every economic indicator from balance payments and the national debt to the unemployment rate.

Obama's energy plan it to make the price of all energy "necessarily skyrocket."
This will have benefits of destroying the American economy and giving western style capitalism a swift kick in the pants. Another benefit is that China, which would not have Cap and Trade, would be come the world's sole remaining super power.


Ask Obama

1) In a 2008 interview, Barack Hussein Obama, while running for president, presented an economic and energy program plan which he called "Necessarily Skyrocket."  The interview can be found on YouTube.   Obama should be asked to explain the impact his "Necessarily Skyrocket" plan will have on the economy and on energy prices.  Also, since "Necessarily Skyrocket" is an Obama campaign promise, and Obama always keeps his promises, Obama should be asked when he will honor this one.
2)  Obama has made a campaign promise to implement Cap and Trade.  He should be asked when during his next term in office he plans to fulfill this promise.
3)  Obama has promised to implement carbon trading markets.  Since Obama always honors his promises, he should be asked when he will keep this one?
4)  Was it fair to allow hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to stay in the United States when millions of people wait patiently in line, applying for legal entry in the right way?
5)  Given that the unemployment rate is over 6%, and that the foreign criminals that Obama refuses to deport can no longer do illegal sub-minimum wage jobs, whose jobs will Obama take away to give to the illegal aliens he refuses to deport?   Clearly Obama can't put them on welfare.
6)  Any illegal alien who took a job from a legal American in the United States had to break at least three laws to do so.   Why are they being rewarded for breaking so many laws?  Legal Americans are punished for breaking laws.  Why are illegals rewarded for breaking laws?
7)  Who is Barry Soetoro?
8)  What is a Choom Gang?
9)  What does dog taste like?
10)  Why won't you release your academic records?

You need to ask these questions since most of the news media is too busy feeling a tingle every time Obama reads from a teleprompter to ask them.
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