Thursday, August 16, 2012

Obama Gave Black Jobs to Foreign Criminals

The unemployment rate for blacks is 14.4%

For black youth the unemployment rate is over 20%.

What was Obama's response?

Obama refused to deport hundred of thousands of foreign criminals.

Obama has furthermore allowed 1.7 million children of illegal aliens to stay and work in the US.

In other words, in order to buy votes in November, Obama has given the jobs that black people would have gotten to people who have entered the country illegally and to the children of people who broke the law the steal the jobs of black people.

But wait, there's more.

I can virtually guarantee that the unemployment rate among blacks will increase if Obama is reelected. There reason I can all but guarantee that more blacks will be out of work if Obama is re-elected is because of a campaign promise Obama made in 2008.

Obama has promised to make energy prices "necessarily skyrocket" via Cap and Trade or carbon trading markets. If you visit the link above you will see that Obama will make the price of energy increase in his next term. This will make the price of everything increase. If the price of everything increases, employers will fire some existing employees and they will certainly not hire new ones.

There are many reasons why you should believe that Obama will make energy prices "necessarily skyrocket" in his next term. One reason is that the Europeans are implementing Cap and Trade and carbon trading markets. Obama has made no secret of his admiration for Euro-Socialism. He does not want to be the odd man out.

Another reason why you can be sure that Obama will implement a plan that will make gas prices and the price of all energy go sky high is that Obama really believes that Global Warming and Climate Change exist and he believes that the United States is mostly at fault. The consequences of that belief is that Obama will take steps to reduce the amount of energy Americans use. Every kilowatt Obama forces us not to use is a job lost. Rest assured that blacks will suffer most.

Why hasn't Obama raised up the price of energy already? Actually he has. The Obama administration has made it very difficult for domestic energy suppliers to increase the supply and lower the price of energy. This means that the price of energy is already higher than it would be if Obama were not president. What will change if Obama is re-elected is he will no longer have to pretend that he doesn't like high energy prices. He can come out of the closet and put taxes, surcharges, fees and penalties on all forms of energy everywhere. When Obama knows he will never face the voters again, he will be free to "necessarily skyrocket" the price of gasoline, oil, coal and every other form of energy American consumers and businesses use.

For black people considering a vote for Obama here is another thought. Because Obama knows you will vote for him no matter what, he felt free to ignore you. That is why despite the alarming rate of unemployment in the black community he gave your job to foreign criminals. The next election will be decided by foreign criminals and those who support illegal aliens. So Obama buys their votes with your job.

If Obama is reelected, then will he pay attention to his black constituency? Obama paid no real attention to black people when he was certain of their votes, do you really think he will pay more attention when he does not need their votes at all? If Obama is re-elected he will never face the voters again because he will be term limited.



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