Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Always About Race, It's Never About Ideas

One of the things that fervent Obama supporters make clear: If you want 4 more years of race politics you should vote for Obama.

If you want to talk about something other than race, you should probably vote for someone else.

So much for the first post racial president.

Has anyone else noticed that the most racist things that are being said in the main stream media concerning this election are all said by Obama supporters? No wonder they could predict this would be the most racist election in history. If it weren't they would make it so.

There is one good thing that comes out of the racist election tactics of the left. They know they are wrong when it comes to ideas. Would you keep pulling things down to the lowest level of racist politics if you thought your ideas were superior? After all, the candidate of the left has the bully pulpit of the presidency, the tingle feeling main stream media, all the college campuses and every school in America on his side. Why are his supporters afraid to discuss ideas?

The only difference between card carrying communists and democrats is that card carrying communists are honest about what they believe.


The Manchurian Trojan

Follow the fictional exploits of President Barry Soetoro, aka Hussein the unbeliever, as he loots the United States of America and gives the wealth to terrorists and third world communist dictators.


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The Trojan Manchurian


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