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How to Steal Billions and Billions

How to Steal A Trillion Dollars. How to Steal an Election



How to Steal a Trillion Dollars


Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Obama have left the southern border wide open and they don't want people to have to show ID to vote. Also, they want to make it practically illegal to ask a person where he was born or where he legally resides.


You know, it's almost like Obama and Holder want the most massive voter fraud this nation or any other has ever seen. It's almost like they want the next US election to be decided entirely by foreign criminals and illegal aliens.

In case anyone misses the connection, the budget for the US federal government is on the order of $4 trillion. If you could control where a portion of that goes, you could control a trillion dollars.



How to Steal One Trillion. How to Steal an Election

13 Reasons Why Obama Should Be Re-Elected





    Obama's October Surprise




         Some folks are alarmed that the Obama administration appears to be closing down border     


        Part of the October election surprise that Obama was sure to spring on us has come early.

        Barrack Hussein Obama appears to be opening up the flood gates so that nation will be

        swamped by foreign criminals and illegal aliens, all of whom will vote for president Hussein.

         In fact, Obama just refused to deport almost a million foreign criminals.  He made sure they

         had broken at least three US laws.  If they had not broken at least three laws they were immediately deported.  The three laws were entering the US illegally, obtaining a job illegally, failure to pay taxes and just be sure they broke at least three laws he made sure that they had  filed false documents such as employment papers with stolen social security numbers.

These criminals Obama deliberately let into to the US to steal the jobs of law abiding citizens have, in my opinion,  been bribed to vote illegally for Obama and would probably be only too happy to do so.  You might say:  The foreign criminals who Obama encouraged to break the law would surely be caught if they tried to vote illegally.  Caught by whom?  Caught how?  In  Obama's America, it is against the law to ask an illegal alien where he was born and you can't ask anyone for their ID when they vote.  There is no way to catch Obama's partners in crime voting for him illegally. 


No democrat wants voter IDs checked and with good reason. In my view, the democrats plan to use the votes of criminal foreigners to sweep into power in the fall elections. The president and all elected democrats will be the first party in history to win an election entirely due to the votes of people who came into the country illegally and voted illegally.

13 Reasons Why Obama Should be Re-Elected




I wonder if China has figured out that they could easily select the next president of the United States and a good portion of congress....

In fact, if they were willing to send enough people, Iran or North Korea could pick the next president and partially populate the Senate and the House.

Erich Holder and Barack Hussein Obama by insisting that there be no voter identification have created a situation wherein any foreign power, even Al Qaeda could pick the next president. All they have to do is send enough people through the porous border before election day, get in line early and claim to be voters. In order for Obama's and Holder's democrat treason to work, they would need to somehow either give the voter rolls to foreign criminals or arrange for foreign criminals to steal them. After all, even though you don't have to prove who you are in Obama's treasonous political regime, you do have to claim to be somebody.

     The logistics of sending millions of folks to steal the election of the world's foremost economic and military power would be daunting. Perhaps it would be easier to bribe the 20 million or so illegal aliens that are are already here? But gosh, you might have to print billions of dollars of somebody else's currency to do that. And that would be mean thing to do. Heck, it might undermine their economy. But surely foreign criminals and illegal aliens, expert as they are on American currency would realize they are being bribed with counterfeit money  immediately! Yeah, right.

     Gosh and the logistics are even more daunting when you realize that in such a porous election system you could bribe the same people to go to many different election stations and claim to be several different people. Gosh, no one would possibly think to do that just to get a hold of the $6 trillion federal budget and billions of dollars in military hardware. It would just be too hard and not worth it all.

      Have you heard the democrat counter argument to this vulnerability? It goes like this: Everyone knows that Al Qaeda, Iran and North Korea only have the best interests of the United States at heart and would never do mean things to us. After all, given how cheap easy it would be take us over through voter fraud facilitated through Obama, Holder and the democrat party, surely any adversary of the US would rather fight costly and perhaps even bloody wars with us instead of merely voting us out of power...

Besides Al Qaeda, Iran and North Korea respect and revere the American election process. They fall on their knees and worship at the mere thought of an American election.  For them an American election is sanctified and inviolate. They would would never, never tamper with or corrupt something that they love more than their own lives.

Are you convinced yet?


     Some might say that you don't need illegal foreigners to rig the next election.  Garden variety Obama supporters can easily be bribed to vote early and often for Obama.  Since no one can ask for their IDs they can go to every polling place in the cities where they live and claim to be anyone on the voter rolls.  After all, these are people who thought Obama had a pile of cash called a stash that he could hand out to everyone or anyone he wished.  These were people who thought that they were going to get free houses or free apartments or free food, or free health care if only Obama got elected.  They thought Obama would give them a job.  These useful idiots who regard government as a cross between Santa Claus and the tooth fairy coluld easily be bribed to vote many times for the "greater good."  And if they were bribed with funny money they would neither know nor care.


     It appears that Obama wishes to bring Chicago style politics to the nation at large.  In Chicago, even the dead sit up and applaud the "fairness"  of the Chicago elections.  Perhaps Obama wants the dead to vote for him too.


Obama's Energy and Economic Policies, Programs and Plans



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