Saturday, August 25, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama Will Destroy Your Car

It is a virtual certainty that Barack Hussein Obama will destroy the vehicles of all Americans if he is re-elected.

Obama believes that Global Warming and Climate Change are harming the planet and all the people on it. Unless he was lying about that belief, he must do something.

Obama has already admitted that Cap and Trade and carbon trading markets will make the price of energy skyrocket. During his current election bid, Obama has denied that he wants the price of gasoline in particular and energy in general to rise dramatically. This is a bald face lie, but one that he may be held to it if he wins re-election.

So what's a communist to do if a direct assault on capitalism is out of the question? Due to the fragility of the economy Obama may have trouble with the magic tricks democrats and progressives usually use. Taxes, fees, surcharges, penalties, levees, and licenses may be a hard sell if the Obama unemployment rates are still high.

But all is not lost, their are still couple of backdoor ways for Barack Hussein Obama to destroy America and "save the earth."

The first is for Obama to use the Environmental Protection Agency as a Marxist tool of oppression to command the US economy to shut down.

The shut down would be for crimes against humanity and the state. After all capitalist pollution is hell on earth while communist pollution, such as is produced by Red China is all baby's breath and roses.

Well, that wouldn't actually work because no one would actually follow that particular democrat plan to destroy America.

But wait, there is at least one more. And it's so sneaky, it might actually work.

Have everyone fill up their cars with gas.

Say what?

Well, first you have to mandate the gasoline be "fortified" with more corn based ethanol. From 15% to 25% should do it.

This will destroy every combustion engine in American, precipitate a world wide corn shortage, and cause the price of everything in the world--not just America--to necessarily skyrocket. Just as Obama planned all along.

There will be worldwide food shortages and food riots and everyone in America will have to buy new, government approved cars.

Ain't Obama brand communism swell!

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