Friday, July 13, 2012

The Peekaboo Presidency

Suppose the fawning press ever got off their knees and dared to ask his excellency Comrade Chairman Obama a question. They might ask, for instance: Haven't you invited terrorists and foreign criminals all around the world to enter the United States and vote for anarchists who will dismantle the government?

What would Obama say? He would have to be in denial at the potential for massive voter fraud both he and Holder have engineered by leaving the border wide open and insisting that people should vote without identification.

Obama might say that since we doesn't think it can happen clearly it can't happen.

Since he doesn't want it to happen it won't happen.

Since he has never heard of it happening it hasn't happened and won't happen.

And finally Obama could opine: It would take millions of people to pull off such and illegal takeover of the American election system. It's not like 20 million people could sneak into this country without our doing or saying anything!


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