Sunday, June 24, 2012

Selling Death

There have been a number of vaguely suspicious deaths of celebrities and well known people in the news. In some cases the significant other of the famous or notorious person seemed be quite happy to sit and watch their lover die.

If you love someone don't you dive into the pool to save them, even if you can't swim. One hears stories about a parent diving in after their children only to die themselves. In some cases it appears that the wife or girlfriend was just enjoying the show and seemed to feel little or no emotional attachment to their dying significant other.

Given that we are talking about the passing of someone famous or notorious there are a number of things that come to mind.

In a couple of the notable cases that I am thinking of some of the dearly departed where known to be obnoxious. In other cases, they were known to be substance abusers. Perhaps the lover got tired of that act and gave fate a little push?

Or perhaps it more like this: There are lazy but patient gold diggers in this world. They are willing to take the disappointment of living with a famous loser for a year or two, knowing that since the dude is an obnoxious, drug abuser, the lover will be there at that fateful moment when the obnoxious loser has gone and done it. If you are living with him and he really is a big loser, that fateful moment will come many times. You take the most photogenic one, or the scariest one, or the one that you think photos of it will fetch you most money from the paparazzi and you let your lover die as you watch and take pictures. And if you are lucky, no one, not even the police ask how did the last and most embarrassing moment of that A-hole's life get on Ebay or in some tabloid?

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