Sunday, June 17, 2012

Poultry in Motion and Another Hitler Joke

Let's face it gents, sometimes the ladies have it just about right. For instance, your run of the mill sports talk station is a waste of skin.

One day, under the guise of something called "Poultry in Motion", one of the local sports talk radio knuckleheads came up with a new wrinkle for the ever present "Hitler Joke."

In retrospect, that probably tells you everything you wanted to know about the Dallas Texas sports radio talk station called The Ticket. The running gag of one of their programs called "The Musers" is some kind of Hitler joke.

Okay, so the most recent attempt at using Adolph for humor came down to this.

How much money would it require for you to invariably adopt the heil Hitler salute in every photo taken of you from this moment forward?

One of the nimrods on this grab butt fest said a billion dollars.

It's not world peace but it's not the world in pieces either.

I wonder what the traffic lady on that other radio station has on her mind...

After that, surely Mike and Mike are back from commercials and I can occasionally hear remarks about a sporting contest again.

With any luck I will be at work and the morning jive will mercifully be over.



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