Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ORAC, Alternative Medicine and Nutritional Therapies

Oxygen radical absorbance capacity speaks to the ability of the food you eat to act as an anti-oxidant.  In this regard, it's hard to do better than berries.   But it sometimes seems that you can eat the right food until your hands turn purple and still not hit all the food groups, at the government minimum requirement,  in the recommended portions.  So if you are concerned that your diet is missing something:  Supplments to the rescue!!!


It's a berry bonanza!  Even chokeberries and elderberries.  When is the last time you ate some of them?


Taking care of aging eyes.  As we age our nutritional needs channge.  Do you think you are getting lutein, bilberry, and quercetin in your diet?  If not, a supplement might boost your levels of the substances that scientists are finding can help maintain healthy eyes.


Skin elasticity.  Skin and joints loose the flexibility and elasticity we had in our youth.  Research is showing that some people are having an easier time maintaining an active lifestyle with the proper supplements.  Beauty Blend



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