Saturday, June 9, 2012

June Doom

It's the dog days of doom. You get the feeling that everyone is just a little bored with the current end of the world. They are waiting for some new and more exciting catastrophe.

In the mean time, you should still fear the world ending super volcano that will blot out the sun with ash clouds and suffocate all life with poisonous gases.

In the wake of the coming economic collapse of Europe, some so called scientists have published a "theory" that we are once again at the tipping point and that there are way too may people and that we all need to become frozen communists who use no energy because they are dead--in order to save the earth.

And finally, the fact that the FBI is going to turn off the internet for thousands of infected computers on 9 July 2012 ushers in dire warnings of a cyber apocalypse that threatens to shut down the internet. The cyber disaster could come from many quarters. The first is that your brain will explode from too many people using the world "cyber". Cyber toilet paper. Cyber ketchup. Cyber cyber. Cyber Doom!!!

The second source of the coming cyber apocalypse will come when all the bot-nets, viruses and malware gangs up and destroys the entire internet.

The third source of the end of the cyber world will be a solar flare that wipes out electronic infrastructure. No power AND no computers.

The fourth and final blow comes from those loving and compassionate folks from the middle east who honestly believe that God will reward them for blowing up the earth as long as some unbelievers and infidels are killed in the process.





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