Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You Might Be A Communist If...

1)  You spend all your time obsessed with corporate greed.  The rest of of us  think of corporate greed when the insurance company fails to pay up.  Otherwise, we have our own problems and we don't think the Marxist re-distribution of Bill Gates wealth world wide will solve them.   Given that the world has over 5 billion people in it your share of Bills Gates money would be about $10.  Maybe $20 if he had a really good year.   All Communists are morons who can't add, subtract, multiply or divide.

2)  You think Global Warming and Climate Change are anything but Marxist frauds and socialist wealth re-distribution schemes.

3)  You think Cap and Trade in particlar and carbon trading in general are good ideas.

4) You thought the true purpose of ethanol subsidies was to save the enviroment

5)  You watched all those industrial jobs go to the third world and you still think the western world pollutes the worst.

 6)  You look at all the violence and chaos caused by the unfettered immigration of foreigners who refuse to assimilate in Europe, and you come to the conclusion that the United States needs more foreigners who don't won't to speak English or hate the majority relgion.

 7)  You look at the fact that government seems to spend $10 for every $1  it takes in and you conclude that what we need is not less spending but new taxes.  By the way, you can easy prove the government is spending more money than it takes in.  Have you ever heard of the debt and the defict?

8)  You think government health care is not only the cat's pajamas, you also think it's the bee's knees.

9) You plan to vote for Obama again.

10)  You think that the best way to improve an economy is to tax the people who create jobs.

11)  You think that government unions and public sector unions are a good idea

12)  You think Nancy Pelosi is smart

13)  You think Harry Reid is smart.

14)  You think Michael Moore is smart

15)  You get a tingle up your pant leg every time Barack Hussein Obama reads from a teleprompter

16)  You think Occupy Wallstreet is smart.

17)  When you say "sustainable" you mean socialist

18)   You think the whole world should be ruled by unelected bureaucrats

19)   You think carbon dioxide is a pollutant

20)  You think you should tell everyone else how to live from your private jet whilst eating steak tartare

21)  You actually believe that some piddling nonsense you do with lightbulbs, totebags or water is going to save the enviroment while China pollutes it's own citizens. 

22)  You think Van Jones is smart.

23)  You think Obama's supreme court justices are smart

24)  You think Keith Olbermann is smart.

25)  You think that the push for higher taxes which comes straight from the Communist Manifesto is a democrat idea.

26)  You don't know that the term "Buffet Rule" means higer, communist manifesto originated, taxes.

27)  You think George Soros acts in the best interests of the United States.

28)  You think that no illegal aliens and foreign criminals will vote in US elections if we don't ask for picture ID.

29)  You know damn well democrats are enabling foreign criminals to vote in US elections--you are counting on it!!!

 30)  You think that for the federal government to sue a state for asking where someone was born was a good idea.

31)  You think that if the government commits treason to advance the cause of socialism--it's a good thing.

32)  You think profit = crime.

33)  You think poverty = virtue.

34)  You think everybody should fund your lifestyle except you.

35)   You took one look at the Post Office, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Amtrak, the Senate restaurant, as well as the unfunded liabilities for social security and medicare and federal pensions   in addition to a $14 trillion debt  and then you  decided the federal  government should run everything.






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