Friday, May 4, 2012

The Last Job Tip You'll Ever Need

I have given many tips about finding a job  over the years but I  had neglected to include an area that I take advantage of just about every time I land a contract job:  Headhunters.

Let anyone say anything bad about recruiters that they wish.  You can even believe them if you wish.  But I am buying a house in an economy where a number of folks are getting foreclosed.  And I am doing so on the basis of a job that I got through a contracting agency.

All of the usual rules apply:  Use established agencies who actually vet employment opportunities and jobs to make sure they are real, legitimate and pay well.

Trying to get a job through Bob's fly by night agency that he runs out of the back of his pickup will not end well.

It can be particularly important to have a staffing agency vet work-from-home jobs since a lot of those are fake.

I have never paid to find work so I am going to suggest you don't either.  There may be special circumstances where you have to pay.  If or instance, jobs are scarce and you need an edge,  but I have no personal experience with those circumstances.

I work in IT so some of the best agencies for me have been Insource, Robert Half and Teksystems.

If you are more of a clerical bent you might try Manpower or Kelly Services.

Be ready to get dressed up and interview with the recruiter before they send you out to an employer.  They need to know that you are real and that you don't sleep and go to the bathroom in your clothes like that Occupy Filth Street Crowd.

You need to be ready to tech out when you get to the reviewer's office.  If you are in the IT field, go to Brain Bench and take all the free tests you can get to in your field.  If you pass them all then you are probably ready for your recruiter's tests.  If you do poorly on the Brain Bench tests then you are not ready.  My advice would be to pony up for the Brain Bench subscription and use their tests and study materials to bone up on the subjects you maybe interviewed on. 

There are free tests all over the internet covering just about any field.  Even typing tests and vocabularly tests and language tests are available.  Google is your friend.  There are study guides and guides on how to interview .

Almost anyone who is going to do a lot technical interviewing should memorize a few story problems puzzles.  They supposedly want to test your thinking processes.  Like anything else you should know before you go so you don't freeze up under pressure.

Go through the cheat sheets you can find around the web that pertain to your area of expertise.  As a for instance, any programmer who does not know the difference between an object and a class is probably in the wrong field.  If you are classy, you always know where your instance is and what that object is doing....



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