Wednesday, April 4, 2012

International Twit Award Month

April Twits take over where April Fools left off. Wear the fool's cap proudly you Twits. You earned it!

Rush Limbaugh must certainly be nominated for the Twit Award. Gratuitous insults meet the dictionary definition for a twit--and they are Limbaugh's stock and trade.

Keith Olbermann seems a shoe-in for any twit award but let's be honest here. Olbermann owns the category of Pompous Twit award. In fact, by getting himself fired yet again from a job for being the biggest jerk in the room, Olbermann has richly earned the Lifetime Achievement Award for being the Most Pompous Twit on 8 Planets.

Oh and to all the millionaire twits who spare a few moments out of their busy day of banging the butler, to criticize the little people in fly over country for owning Bibles and guns and SUVs. Well....Let me say this about that: Shut the hell up rich boy!!!

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