Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dogs Against Romney

Do You Know How Your Dog Tastes? President Obama Does. Happy Earth Day!


The next time you encounter the commander in chief you should ask, oh so respectfully and politely of course, if your dog, when properly cooked, would taste like chicken.  President Barack Hussein Obama has eaten more dog than any other occupant of the White House.   Barack Hussein Obama is uniquely equipped to render an opinion on the relative tastiness of cooked American dog.

Obama has been the source of many broken records and many firsts since he has been in the White House.  Since I doubt that there have been any dog eaters before Obama became president and there probably won’t be many more after he leaves the oval office we can probably say that Obama is the first president to have eaten a dog before he entered the white house and the only dog eater to ever sit in the oval office.


Some of Barack Hussein Obama’s most ardent political supporters, the environmentalists, have stated that a pet dog is more destructive to the environment than an SUV and the best thing for the environment would be if you eat your dog rather than keep it as a pet.  So for earth day, you either eat the dog you have or buy a shelter dog and kill it and eat it.  Surely this is not too big a sacrifice to save the entire planet from a hideous fate!

So some of the best things to do on Earth Day or any day to save the environment is to eat your dog and support Obama’s re-election campaign.  In fact, if you just vote straight ticket for the democrats they will relieve you have the responsibility of having pets by outlawing animal slavery and they will feed your dog to you after they save the environment by killing your dog.


So, how’s the dog?  Do you like your dog boiled, baked or fried? 

Some of Obama’s supporters who happen to animal rights activist have actually killed thousands of dogs in order to save the mutts from a fate worse than death.   It would be shame to let that good dog go to waste when there are so many dishes going meatless.

Obama’s supporters have complained about the way Mitt Romney has treated dogs in the past and rightly so.  After all, when Romney got done doing whatever he did to that dog, it was still alive.  And worse than that, Romney did not even eat the dog!


As the Obama nation gears up for the next election and invites every illegal alien and foreign criminal to cross the border to vote—democrats have sworn on both the Bible and the Communist Manifesto that they will not ask anyone for a picture ID when they vote—be sure to celebrate the re-coronation of the Comrade Chairman Hussein this November by having the hair of the dog.  And a hot dog, of course.






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