Monday, March 12, 2012

What to Expect From Obama's Second Term

1) Institute Cap and Trade

2) Institute Carbon Trading Markets

3) Put more Communists on the Supreme Court

4) Put more Gays on the Supreme Court

5) Submit the US to UN Jurisdiction, Again

6) Surrender to Mexico, Again

7) Slap a 90% tax on all earnings over $100,000

8) Replace his cabinet and staff with card carrying communists--this could deplete the national news media of reporters

9) Give the EPA the Green light to command and control the economy
A) Paint all roofs white

B) Confiscate all devices guilty of energy crimes

C) Control the temperature of every home in America

D) Control the energy usage of every home in America

10) Surrender to the UN, Again. (Get Hilary to do it this time..)

***) Make the price of all energy "necessarily skyrocket"






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