Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sturgeon Moon

Sturgeon Moon,Joyful Moon,First Acorns,Ripen Moon,Dispute Moon,
Cutter Moon,Dog Days Moon,Harvest Moon,Berry Moon,W omen’s Moon,
Mulberries Moon,Middle Moon,Freshness Moon,Yellow Flower Moon,
Acorns Ripen Moon,Lightning Moon,Black Cherries Moon,
Lightning Moon,Dog Days Moon,Autumn Moon,Feather Shedding Moon,
Fruit Moon,Drying Moon,Grain Moon,Red Moon,Wood Cutter Moon


Wolf Moon

Snow Moon

Worm Moon

Pink Moon

Flower Moon

Strawberry Moon

Buck Moon

Sturgeon Moon

Corn Moon

Harvest Moon

Beaver Moon

Cold Moon

By poetryman69
At dusk the sun fled out over a azure sky
and the waters of the bay crept in and slept the night through
and the moon rose
At sunset
A diffuse sky the color of orange sherbet on blue ice cream


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