Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State of the Union: Obama Promises

The Three Campaign Promises Obama is Certain to Keep

In my view, Obama has made three campaign promises he will definitely keep:

1)  Full employment for foreign criminals

2) Make the price of electricity sky-rocket

3)  Making the United States a Euro-Socialist country like Greece

In my opinion,  Obama, by committing treason against the state of Arizona and “reviewing” the status of 300,000 criminal aliens, Obama is keeping his implied promise to employ all the illegal aliens that Mexico can send us and to give them the jobs of legal Americans.  But wait there is more.  Obama is offering citizenship to any foreigner who is willing to break three or more US laws.  Some suggested laws to break are

1)  Entering the country illegally

2)  Obtaining a job under false pretenses.  For instance, using a forged or stolen social security number or using no social security number.

3) Failure to pay income and social security taxes or paying such taxes with a forged or stolen social security number

Any legal American would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for committing these crimes.  However the illegal votes and bribes that   Obama and the democrat party are, in my very own personal opinion, getting for encouraging criminal aliens to commit more crimes entitles the illegal aliens to rewards such as citizenship.   So from my perspective, not only can democrats be bought, but once bought, they stay bought!!!

President Barack Hussein Obama believes in Global Warming and Climate Change.  He also believes that Global Warming and Climate Change are largely the fault of the United States.  Even if Obama did not believe in these things he certainly believes in making the United States a socialist country.  And extreme environmentalism is a perfect way to destroy capitalism and institute socialism.   Jacking up the price of electricity, especially electricity made from coal will almost certainly destroy a weak economy and give Obama the perfect excuse to implement state control of everything.  Welcome to the Peoples Republic of America, a Socialist State.




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