Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Predictions: The Great Chinese Pollution Riots of 2012

In China, a series of deadly and economically crippling pollution events will kill thousands and spark anti-government pollution riots. The government will call on the world’s top environmentalists for a conference. Since the top environmentalists will all be from the West, they will be offered double their western salaries to go forth and work as green proselytizers all over China.

At it will appear that the Green infusion is working. The pollution alerts in China’s major industrial cities will abate and the air and water in many places will begin to become cleaner.
But in hidden corners of industrial China, in harsh outlying district, there are places where no bureaucrat from the Chinese central government ever ventures, because he knows he will be both uncomfortable and unwelcome in such a sparse setting. It is easy then for local officials and factory managers to convince the centralized bureaucrats who would otherwise nose around, to report the industrial output as one quarter of its real value so that everyone involved can pocket the difference....


2012 Predictions: The Great Chinese Pollution Riots of 2012

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