Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eating for Free 365 Days a Year. Free Food! Freebies and Free Eats!

So the ground rules are, without lying, cheating or stealing,   you must be able to eat at least one meal per day for free.  I do not claim that the meal will be healthy or that it will be filling.  Just that it will contain a recognizable edible component that many if not most people wouldn’t mind eating.  Be sure to call or check out the latest before trying to cash in on any of these offers because things do change from time to time.
Now lets do some rough, Rough, ROUGH estimates on what it would take to forage for food on the internet.  Let’s say that you did not want to fool around.  You wanted to cut to the chase.  Then the facts are these, one of the simplest ways to get food off the internet is to get free food samples mailed to your house.   So let’s say you decided to live off of free samples.  How many would you need to get three squares a day?  Let’s say that full meal for you is three items.   And that you eat three times per day.  That’s nine items per day.  Over the course of a year, let’s round up and say over the course of 400 days you need 3600 samples.   Why do we round up?  Lots of reasons.  One is that you need to eat to live.   When you are trying to forage for food broken hyperlinks, websites that won’t work, coupon clubs that say you take too many coupons, whatever, won’t feed a hungry stomach.  You need to over estimate what you will need.   3600 might seem like a large number of samples if you were to pile them up all in one place but you could get those by hitting one free sample website per hour every day.  Roughly speaking, you need only ten hours then to pull it off and you only “work” for this food once per hour.   Again, I round up to ten because you must eat–eating is not a hobby–or you will die.
So free samples are how we are going to make the magic happen but that is not to say that we can’t play with our food as well.  There is almost always at least one national food observance per week.  On many weeks there are more than one.  If you are electronically foraging for food, you had better know when it is national donut day.   By the way, some establishments give out the smallest portions imaginable to “support” some national food observance.  So go back to the internet, find all the establishments that are giving away free food close to you and hit them all up for the free goodies until you are full.
So always know what food holiday is being observed today and tomorrow.  Search the internet for restaurants and stores that are giving away food to commemorate the holiday and go out and eat.

National Food Observances

National Food Holidays
Directory for holidays and celebrations
Index of Food holidays

Birthday Meals

Register your birthday with Chik-Fil-A
   140 places to use your birthday to eat
Birthday Freebies (some may not be food)
IHop birthday meal
El Torito’s birthday food
Free food just for being alive
List of birthday food links
No cost birthday food


Get shot at and get free food!
Free food for Veterans
Free or discounted food for Veterans
Veterans Day Food
Thanks to Vets
Veterans Day Feed
Veterans Day Food
Eat free

National Donut Day

Remember to call first before showing up for your donut on donut day.
June 3rd donut day
Free donuts!
Donut Day

Free Samples

Free food samples
8 places to get free samples
Cereal Samples
Free with coupon
Free Snack food
Free milk and eggs

Free or Cheap Veggies

Free Veggies
Cheap Veggies
Free with purchase
Cheap Veggies again
Free after coupon
Local Harvest
Free with coupon
Free food coupons
Snag free samples
Free sample network
Food samples
Free samples 2
Free deals
Free stuff online
Free flys free food samples
Free stuff

Free with Coupon

Extreme Couponing
Free with Coupon
Hunt for Freebies
Be a research monkey
Power Bar
Smart Bar
Pocket Your Dollars


10 for $10
Free Calendars by mail
Free Software
Free Art and Free Poems
Sweepstakes and Contests

Get A Real Job

Best No Experience Jobs On the Web
How To Get A Job In 30 Days
One Million Jobs
Obama Can’t But I Can
Holiday Job Zone Ahead
Government Work
Job Search
Job Search for the Older Worker
Obama Can’t Find You Employment But I Can
Holiday Job Zone
Obama Can’t Help You but I Can
Obama Can’t But I can
How Obama Will Not Help You Find a Job But I will

Coupons, Free Samples, Whatever

JC Penny coupons
Kiwi Coupons
Glade Coupons
Women Freebies
Cup of Savings
Free to Canucks
Free Puppy Food
Free Cappuccino
Free Chipotle
Free Hungry Jack
Extreme Couponing
Free Mania
Free Granola Bars
Austin Couponing
Passion for Savings
Free Snickers
December Coupons
Hot Coupon World
Budget 101
Organic Grocery Deals
Common Sense and Money
Free samples post
Free cup
Free food samples
Coupon Dad
Freeloader resources
We Use Coupons
Frugal Lancaster
What’s Free on your Birthday
Free Sample freak
Free samples without Surveys
Seriously free stuff
Home Ever After
Freebie Society
Freebies for mom
Birds Eye Coupons
Birds Eye
Printable Coupons
Life is a beach
Chunky Soup
Libbys Libbys Libbys on the Label Label Label you will like it like it like it on your table table table
Enchanted Savings
Mommy Savers
Centisble in Seattle
Starbucks gift cards
Free water
Cheap Chocolate
Target:  Free with Coupon!


Coupon Cravings
Free at Walmart?
Free Totebag
Free SportTea
Printable coupon
We use coupons
Free eggs from Vons
Printable Coupons
Salad Coupons
Dairy Coupons
Egg Coupons
Organic Coupons

Digital Diet

The Digital Diet
Digital Dieting
How to Eat for Free
Cyber Diet



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